Feeling the Love at Intimate Café

From the moment my dear friend and faith sister Yoofiwaa suggested that it might be a cool idea to have me perform eye beauty services in her family’s restaurant periodically, I was excited about the possibilities. The popular eatery had already proven its flexibility as a venue with the regular Dinner & a Movie series underway, so it made perfect sense to me that we might also be successful with a creative combination of our two quality community-based brands. With the “More Beautiful You” debut event held on March 16th, Brow Tutor and the Intimate Café has introduced a new midday experience for Atlanta’s eye beauty aficionados that may change the way many divas do lunch.

Customers enjoying good food at the Intimate Cafe

Brow shaping is one of those things that many women would like to have done regularly, but often find it hard to fit into busy schedules. Professional women in particular are under pressure to keep regular appointments with their brow stylist in order to maintain an acceptable look when work expectations demand it on a consistent basis. Among the first responses from interested parties in the office building where the Intimate Café is located was how convenient it was to have the services available right on location for them. It was fun for several clients to leave their suites for “brows & lunch” with us and return to the surprised looks of their co-workers who were amazed at the unexpected beauty enhancement received while away for only a few moments.

Precision Eyebrow Sculpting (PES) from the Brow Tutor in action

A number of ladies came to us in response to the Constant Contact email distribution and social media notices that were sent out to promote the event. It was a joy to see familiar faces as friends and community members who may have tried Brow Tutor services for the first time came out to support us. I often described eyebrow sculpting to my trainees and others as a very intimate procedure that puts the provider fully into the personal space of another person that is well beyond the norm in typical interactions. Perhaps due to this close proximity, conversation can often go beyond the surface quickly between an archer and their client. I appreciated the chance to connect with some people I had often seen in passing, but now know a bit better after bonding through brows.

A beautiful day in the background at Intimate Cafe

As I mentioned in passing earlier, the Intimate Café is situated at the ground floor level of a small office complex. My business partner Taunia Stevenson and I spent some time immediately before the event walking through the building to inform the occupants about our event. It was interesting to see the range of responses from people as we shared the news, but many were thrilled to hear we would there and pledged their patronage immediately. Yoofiwaa’s instincts seemed to be correct that there would be a demand for on-site eyebrow design services from the tenants and our team looks forward to building ongoing relationships by coming back regularly on Mondays from 10am-3pm.

As we continue our re-emergence this year, Brow Tutor will continue to look for innovative ways to connect with both clients of our direct eye beauty services as well as cosmetology professionals that want to learn Precision Eyebrow Sculpting™. Please contact Taunia at browtutor@gmail.com if you would be interested in hosting a Brow Spa in your home for friends and neighbors or with another public venue like Intimate Café that would be open for all to come. Our team would love the opportunity to work with you and create a pampering party event that is unique and fun for everyone. Thank you Intimate Café for a great experience that we look forward to repeating again and again!

Kwabena focused on creating more beautiful brows


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One Response to Feeling the Love at Intimate Café

  1. T. stevenson says:

    Awesome event… Can’t wait for the next one and other future events to come!! Many thanks to all who came out and supported this brand new exciting venture!

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