On-site tutoring in eye beauty services

Much better than classes at a hair show, the Brow Tutor delivers one on one training in your salon that continues until you are comfortable with your expertise.


The mission of the Brow Tutor is to teach new skills to cosmetology professionals. We do this through continuing education in eye beauty services for hair stylists, estheticians, nail technicians, and make-up artists. We provide one-on-one, hands on training for direct transfer of knowledge and experience.


  • education performed at trainee’s place of business
  • tutoring tailored to trainee’s specific needs (versus stock classroom curriculum)
  • focused on new revenue generation for trainee
  • teaches techniques that are proven profitable in the market (Precision Eyebrow Sculpting)
  • available until trainee is comfortable with their expertise


  1. Hourly eyebrow design (wax, razor, tweeze) tutoring sessions for individuals and small groups
  2. Extended training in other eye beauty services (eyebrow tinting, all faux eyelash styles, make up)
  3. All inclusive start-up kits of eye services tools and equipment
  4. Free continuing telephone and email consultation for trainee skills or business development


1st – You or your salon employees will earn more money

2nd – You will increase your client satisfaction and retention rates

3rd – Your business will be diversified and stronger

The Brow Tutor’s on-site training model of tailored education brought right to your place of business is superior to other forms of learning the trade and will have you confident in your new skills and generating income faster.

Earn more from your clients right away by mastering the art of eyebrow design today!

Contact:   404.587.2227